Monday, April 30, 2007

MAY 3 Guest Artist Lecture


Guest Artist Lecture With:
Miriam Wosk
Thursday, May 3rd
Purple Crit Room

“My body of work expresses the yin/yang quality of life; the paradoxes and contradictions inherent in experience, the mystery of the shadow side of life, and the tension that the opposite forces create.” M. Wosk

Friday, April 27, 2007

2007 Department Scholarship Winners

Congrats to this Year's Scholarship Recipients

Arts Council
Undergrad: Nicole Culver
Graduate: Briana Simmons

Dean's Academic Achievement Awards
Undergrad: Tiffany Olay
Graduate: Farwa Hasnain Naqui

Irving Block Memorial Award:
Kimberly Hejna

Hans Burkhardt Memorial Awards:
Undergrad: Erin Richardson
Graduate: Justin Davis

Leyo Lopez Memorial Award:
Theresa Sheldon

Edwin R Sievers Memorial Award:
Niku Kashef

Valerie and Steven Svec Memorial Award:
Michelle Head

Burkhardt Speaker Series

Tony De Los Reyes
May 1, 2007
Purple Critique Room @ 2pm

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Compared to many of the other departments at CSUN, the
art department has a very open door attitude. Walking
around the art buildings, located at the northern tip
of campus, you will find many classes in progress with
their doors wide open. On some of the nicer days,
students even workoutside. Projects for the ceramics classes
can be seenon display in the courtyard in the center of the art
wing, along with drawings, paintings and graphic
design work in display cases. The attitude of most
people you will find in the art department seems to be
very welcoming and open-minded. Simply approaching and
asking an instructor politely can get you into a
classroom full of hard-working student artists. So the
next time you walk by the art wing with its colorful
buildings and slanted roof tops, stop and consider
walking through it for a change. (Photos and text from:
John Dubois: Daily Sundial)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Impromptu Digital Design Tournament

This Friday April 20th @ 7pm in the Purple Crit Room

Think “Iron Chef” meets graphic design as CSUN art students are given “Concepts” in which they have to execute in 20 minute head to head elimination rounds. Based off the national Cut&Paste event, the designers' work will be projected live as they create it for all to see and for our judges to dissect. Food and a soundtrack will be provided. FREE!

Friends, family students, faculty, staff, and alum are all invited to enjoy and see creativity in progress!

In this corner…
The 8 competitors are:
Will "Why Cant We Be Friends" Ortiz
"Seancifer" Sean Ruge
Max "PlasticSpider" Shuster
Theresa "The Prez" Sheldon
"Margelous" Marge Yang
Mark "Cheddar" Major
"Jotarobot" Joe Olorga
Luis "The Tiger" Andrade

Monday, April 09, 2007

Gloria Williams Sander - Curator Norton Simon Museum

Discussing "Careers in the Museum World"
Monday, April 16, 2007 at 2pm
Purple Crit Room

Rob Navrides visits Department of Art

Supervising Sound Editor for "Desperate Housewives" 2:00pm in AC332 Thursday April 12, 2007

The Brewery Project is closing.

Please come for the last horrah.

"A Simple Complex" Redux
Reception: Saturday April 14th, 7-10pm

Organized by Wendy Adest and John O'Brien

Wendy Adest Maura Bendett Christie Frields Nicholas Kersulis

Daniel Marlos Lester Monzon Jenene Nagy John O'Brien

Tim Quinn Rebecca Ripple Steve Roden

Shirley Tse Telemachus Studio

The Brewery
676 South Ave 21, #33

10E to 5N
Exit Main St.
Right on Daly.
R on North Main
L on South Ave 21
Through the gates park.
Upstairs in the large building with the chimney that has "The Brewery" written on it.

From 5 S
Exit Main Street
Drive directly across South Ave 21
Through the gates Park.
Upstairs in the large building with the chimney that has "The Brewery" written on it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

AIGA SAGA & CSUN Presents: John Stein

AIGA SAGA & CSUN Graphic Design program Presents:
John Stein
President, Band of Gypsies
Wed. April 11th, 2007
Purple Crit Room

Band of Gypsies is
a creative consulting firm that’s developed campaigns
(television and web sites) for the following clients:

K-Swiss • Baja Fresh • HealthNet
Met-Rx • UPN • Indian Motorcycles • EarthLink
as well as worked for more than fifteen other ad agencies.

John is past president of the Los Angeles Creative Club.
He teaches advertising at the Annenberg School for Communications at USC.


Monday, April 02, 2007



Think you have creative talent and can do it on the fly? Think you are the best designer on campus? Want to be the envy of all your peers? Time to prove it.

“Impromptu” is a live digital design competition where graphic designers and illustrators compete against each other in an elimination tournament of creativity, technical ability, and wit. The competitors will work live and projected on walls, in front of an audience and panel of judges. An MC will host the festivities, a soundtrack will be provided, and no tummy will be left empty.

Check back here for info in the coming weeks!
For details email

SAGA Portfolio Workshop a Success!

SAGA held its Second Annual Portfolio Workshop inviting Hamagami/Carroll Inc. and The Vyant Group to review student portfolios in a informal open review. 16 students participated in the reviews and dozens more watched and asked questions as each reviewer gave feedback on their student work.

What did you find most helpful in your interview? More particularly in
your projects or presentation and the overall experience?

Luis Andrade (Participant): It was good. I wasn't expecting it to be some what an informal interview. I thought it would have been different. What was helpful was presenting my work to somebody other than a student or professor. It really made me dig deeper than just a class presentation. I described everything in detail and the process. The communication skills really came out. she had me describe my interest, like print/web/package before going into my portfolio, which helped ease into it so she knew what to expect. Overall, the Portfolio Workshop was great - a good preparation for Portfolio Review.

What did you think of seeing all of the reviews take place? What did you find most interesting...from the set up of the room, the interviewers, etc.

Max Schuster (Attendee): I thought that the reviewers were very tactful and constructive with their criticism which was very cool for us listening because the reviewers would often give reasons for why they thought something didn't work. They would've sometimes made suggestions on how to fix it. There was a lot of very good student work but the most impressive stuff was the home made presentations and leave-behinds. Not just stuffing 11x17 into plastic sheets. although a few people had just amazing work and it really didn't matter that they had a basic presentation. The black [table] cloths were a good idea...very fancy. A bunch of people got business cards. Two thumbs up!

Special thanks to Marge Yang for the interviews and the pics!