Monday, April 16, 2007

Impromptu Digital Design Tournament

This Friday April 20th @ 7pm in the Purple Crit Room

Think “Iron Chef” meets graphic design as CSUN art students are given “Concepts” in which they have to execute in 20 minute head to head elimination rounds. Based off the national Cut&Paste event, the designers' work will be projected live as they create it for all to see and for our judges to dissect. Food and a soundtrack will be provided. FREE!

Friends, family students, faculty, staff, and alum are all invited to enjoy and see creativity in progress!

In this corner…
The 8 competitors are:
Will "Why Cant We Be Friends" Ortiz
"Seancifer" Sean Ruge
Max "PlasticSpider" Shuster
Theresa "The Prez" Sheldon
"Margelous" Marge Yang
Mark "Cheddar" Major
"Jotarobot" Joe Olorga
Luis "The Tiger" Andrade


Anonymous said...

Ill be there! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Will Ortiz for the poster design and Joe Bautista for planning!

Anonymous said...

Ring Ring . . . Banana phone

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is banana phone the new LG phone or something?

Marge said...