Monday, October 27, 2008

CSUN Animation Teams up with Pacific Asia Museum

CSUN Animation & Pacific Asia Museum partnership
THUR. OCT. 30, 11AM, AC300 Pacific Asia Museum Presentation
All students invited to presentation

2D Anime Projects
An opportunity for Animation students to make 2D Hand drawn Anime projects after studying the exhibit, The Samurai Re-Imagined: From Ukiyo-e to Anime. Students will be exposed to historic traditional arts of Japan, which are the classical roots of contemporary Anime. From this influence, students will develop & create their own animations. Projects must be approved and will be produced in Sp 09 term. Some animations might be exhibited at the museum.

Students interested in participating in Anime Projects must meet these requirements:
· ATTEND LECTURE: THUR. OCT. 30, 11AM IN AC300, Pacific Asia Museum Presentation.

· Study and use their images as influences to develop story concept & designs for an animation.

· Animations must be 2D hand drawn (Traditional or Wacom Tablet assembled in Flash) with storyboards & character designs.

· THUR. NOV. 13, 3pm-6pm, DUE: PROPOSALS & PITCH, to seek approval.


· Individual & Team projects are supervised & for college credit. Must enroll Sp 09 in one of: 363A Flash Team, 363B Concept, 443 Character Design, 463 Anim III Production.


· Arranged by Prof. Trujillo, for more info: <>

The Samurai Re-Imagined: From Ukiyo-e to Anime
Feb. 19 - Aug. 9, Exhibit explores roots of popular Japanese art forms of Anime animation in traditional arts of Japan by examining images of iconic warrior, samurai. By juxtaposing depictions of samurai in Edo era woodblock prints, ink paintings, historical photographs, animation cels & drawings, original manga panels, and toys, the exhibition will demonstrate the ongoing links between fine art and popular culture in Japan.

Left: Samurai Warriors on Bridge in Moonlight by Kuniyoshi, Japan, 19th century. Woodblock print of ink and color on paper. Pacific Asia Museum Collection, Henrietta Hill Swope Collection, 1981.12.123. Right: Samurai 7 by Toshifumi Takizawa, Japan, 2004. Full-color one-sheet poster. Courtesy of GONZO Studios.

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