Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assembly Bill to bring funds to CSU & UC

For those who prefer taxing Big Oil in order to fund the CSU and UC over both layoffs and tuition hikes, here is something valuable and concrete you can do:

Show your support for Assembly Bill 656 by signing the online petition today. Simple and easy, only takes a couple of minutes.
To sign up, go to:

OR if you feel like actually voicing your opinion you can:
1) Find the phone numbers of your Assemblyman and State Senator at:
2) Call them and urge them to support AB 656--Torico.

At present California is the only one of 22 petroleum producing states (including Texas and other "red" states) that does NOT have a severance fee for oil and natural gas extraction.

AB 656 will tax oil companies for extraction of natural gas and oil from California, and will provide dedicated funding to the CSU and UC.

AB 656 is still active, and according to Torico's office, there will be a big push for it, including campus tours (but not CSUN this time around). The California Chamber of Commerce opposes this bill and pretty much any others that would tax the rich, but it enjoys broad support from non Republicans. Your representatives need to hear from you.

It only takes a few minutes! People on the phone are very nice as well. :)

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