Friday, May 26, 2006

If all else fails...point

We're here! After a 11 hour flight to Narita (Japan), a 2 hour lay-over, a 2.5 hour flight to Seoul & 1 hr+ bus ride, we were dazzled by the amazing high-rise guest house (more like apartments or a hotel) awaiting us -- the Hanyang University Guest House (visit the school's website: The rooms are beautiful and as the facility is newly constructed, we are the first guests (the grand opening is June 23rd). We are each sharing a 2 bed suite, including one bedroom, a kitchen and an attached living area w/ couch/tv et al. After a brief look-around, a group of us took off for an adventure at the neighborhood and stopped at a restaurant. When we asked for the menu (all in Korean script) we realized that there was no way to order - except pointing of course. So like good tourists w/o a translator we stepped outside and pointed at the pictures of food. Of course, although this technique is not glamorous, it is time-tested, and it worked. So just remember, wh!
en stranded, sleepy, and hungry...if all else fails...just point.

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joe said...

whats this about dorms?!? more pleasant surprises