Monday, May 29, 2006

Monday Morning

I have so much to write and so little time to tell it. I've been having trouble posting to the blogspot, so Joe is uploading for me - please excuse any delay in updates...that and our breakneck pace that keeps us awake from 6am-past midnight. We've been here three full days and it feels like we've already learned and experienced so much! Korea is lovely. If any of you can come here, is excellent, people are kind, the streets are clean and there is public transportation everywhere.

A quick recap of yesterday before I have to meet the group this morning - we went to the Korean National Palace - amazing! Then to the National Palace Museum of Korea ( to see a Nam June Paik exhibit, then Isadong (I'll check spelling later) - and back for a wonderful dinner of Korean Bbq and karaoke! (Yes, and Dave sang!) Details and stories of testing out street vendor food, handmade noodles, art galleries etc to follow, hopefully at the end of the day....

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