Thursday, June 01, 2006

The magic bus ride in Gyeongju

A quick post to let you know that after a 5 hour train ride we arrived in Gyeongju (both this and the other spelling that I wrote work). It is a historical city also known as a museum without walls. We've been touring around sites today. The town is lovely and we've seen numerous Buddhist sites (the Buddhist influence is strong here in the south). The weather is hotter and tropically wet and everywhere is GREEN!!!!! It is beautiful. As for the images you want to see, it is really quite a task to do even this typing of info & Dave wanted me to post that he's giving me a hard time & will continue to give me a hard time. Hopefully when we get back to our home-base & tomorrow, I'll be able to download some more images & when we get home we're planning for a viewing party, a publication, t-shirts, et al & I'll put up more images and a recap of our travels. We'll be home past midnight tonight & beginning our seminar tomorrow - in Seoul on Saturday...that's all for now.

Everyone sen
ds smiles to our USA gang. & a quick note to Rochelle's boyfriend...she wrote your name (& your brother's and her family's) in a Buddhist temple where they will send you positive vibes and prayers for 100 days - it was lovely & as soon as I can I'll post picts...:) Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Lesley Krane! And Dave's B'day is on Saturday - please e-mail him many happy b'day wishes.

Due to computer problems, we just lost a huge update for all of you including notes from Margaret, Megan, Dave, Jim and Kristy...can you hear the silent screams in my head? We're off for another marathon train ride now. Smiles to all.

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