Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Workshop Schedule & Info

Workshop Schedule
6/2 Workshop Intro & Lunch
6/5 10-11 Dr. DiMarco Lecture
- Saga Info - Jeremy
- 11-4p Work in groups
6/6 - 6/8 10-10:30a Briefing
(Previous Exploration Presentation)
- 10:30-noon Work (Design Exploration)
- noon-1:30 Lunch
- 1:30-4p Work
6/9 - Exhibition Deadline
- Jury process
- Exhibition Opening
- Farewell Party/Certificate Reception/Awards

Each CSUN Student is teamed up with a group of students from Hanyang University, these groups decide on one of two projects to work on. The project specifications are based on two Korean design competitions and final projects are entered in the competition they were created for. The competions are: 16th Korea Tourism Poster Contest (www.etourkorea.com) and the Incheon International Design Fair 2006 (www.indef.org). Each team will yield a poster as their final product. Each day Prof. Choi will present the work the groups have done on previous days to all teams and then the teams will be left to work independently. Per Kristy, here is the team update for Tues: Kristy's group went to Suwon (http://media.graniteschools.org/Curriculum/korea/hwaseong.htm), Jairo's group is dealing with the concept of food and spent the day eating, Jeremy's group is almost done w/ the poster, Rochelle's and Margaret's groups went to Seoul and Megan, Carolina, Nar and Satenik's groups stayed in town to work on their projects.
Picts later in the week as I get them...


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