Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday morning news

Good morning. After a late arrival Thursday night, a full day Friday and a Saturday shopping extravaganza & evening partying for Dave's birthday, it is finally Sunday morning in Korea. Today Dave and Jim will be returning to Los Angeles and due to unforeseen circumstances I also be returning. This is my last Korea-based post, but the fabulous Kristy Wong will be keeping me in the loop so I can update daily along w/ images. I will be posting more details on the days past as well as images you have not yet seen before the group returns home, so keep checking the blog for news (& picts). Today is 'laundry day' for our group.

Also I forgot to mention... a quick welcome to Nar and Satenik (who arrived late Friday night). I'll be posting more once I arrive in LA & I have ALOT of images coming. From the Korea-team to home, we miss you and we are still loving the food and the culture and all of our new friends. I would like to thank the Korean students and Professors and people we have met (especially the hotel staff) who have been so generous to us and have truly made this journey a pleasure. I will definitely come back to this wonderful country.


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Devin said...

I'm trying to imagine Jim skipping. He should do that once a day at CSUN, set an example :)

maybe not...cause then everyone will think he's off his rocker, haha!

miss you all!