Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 28-Portfolio Workshop

Want to prep yourself before Portfolio Review?
Exercise your creativity. Join SAGA in welcoming John Hamagami, Justin Carroll, and Jim Berte from Hamagami/Carroll, Inc., and Catherine Reisen from The Vyant Group, as they join us for this year's portfolio workshop.

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Anonymous said...

Portfolio Workshop was a great success!!! It was awesome having Hamagami/Carroll and Vyant review our portfolios. I learned so much and got so many ideas from this event! It would be cool to have something like this every semester! GO SAGA! Great job on organizing this event!

Anonymous said...

Ya...for sure, Portfolio Workshop was freakin' cool!
I got so much great feedback and now I am not so nervous for upcoming stuff like the AIGA Portfolio Review and SAGA's Portfolio Review in May. :-P
I am so glad I went last night.

Margaret said...

We were all curious to find out what they thought about our portfolios. The experience was really good. This was my second time at the Portfolio Workshop and I also received very helpful tips that will help me in preparing my final portfolio. It was cool to participate as well as plan the event.

Each reviewer saw four students, averaging a good 15-20 minutes per student. Most of the students getting reviewed were graduating seniors while there were some who have a couple of semesters left.

Looking forward to the future AIGA and SAGA Portfolio reviews.

SAGA ROCKS! Visit us at www.csun.edu/saga

CSUN Deptartment of Art 07 said...

thanks to all involved from reviewers to saga, participants, and professors. Email me the pics so I can post for all to see!

- Joe

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