Monday, March 19, 2007

Michael Davis visit April 23rd

Artist, Entrepreneur, and the architect behind The Guardian Line

Many comic fans -- and those in-the-know when it comes to the world of animation -- have experienced the innate creativity and boundless imagination that is Michael Davis. He's the architect behind The Guardian Line™ and co-creator of Static Shock!, a highly-rated, Emmy-award-winning WB & Cartoon Network show based on his life. Davis' career began as an illustrator, but over the years he's acquired a unique range of talents from artist and entrepreneur to teacher and mentor. And In 1992, Davis and three co-founders became pioneers with the creation of Milestone Media, which released an innovative, full-scale, multicultural universe of heroes and villains. The well-told stories appealed to Time Warner, resulting in one of the biggest joint-venture distribution deals in comics' history. The new universe of characters was distributed alongside the media giant's DC Comics.

Davis moved from Milestone to Motown in 1994, serving as president and CEO of animation and filmworks. His media company, Bad Boy Studios, which was founded back in 1987 (yes, before P. Diddy), continues to grow immensely and now has a mentor program with an impressive list of successful artists, directors and writers. In addition, he has created a line of educational materials called the "Action Files," for Simon and Schuster. It's the only reading curriculum based on comics that is taught in any school system. Davis comes to UMI as vice president of new media and shares his inspiration behind The Guardian Line™, its characters, and who will always be his superhero.

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